Hi, nice that you show interest for my website. Please allow me to introduce myself shortly. My name is Christiaan Knopper. I'm born 27 September 1959 and live together with my family (my wife Cokky and my both sons Carsten and Colin) in Capelle aan den IJssel (NL).

After a study in electronics, I started my carrier as entrepreneur and later as (sales) manager, mainly in the transport and ICT sector. During these years I had the opportunity to gain lots of experience in Sales, Logistics and ICT. Since 1983 I'm lecturing Sales and Sales management as a member of ISBW (Institute of Social and Business Science) and other organisations.Today I run my own training and consultancy business. Please have a look to www.trainsales.nl 

I had my first diving experience in 1986 and could not stop doing it! Collecting all possible  certificates during these years, I became a CMAS instructor in 1997. I'm a active member (and founder) of dive team 'Dolphin'.

I was quite lucky having the opportunity to dive at several places on this globe. As I started taking UW video films (winter 2000/2001) I sincerely hope to be able to share some of my experiences with you on this site.


Dive experience and education:

sep '86 

--   '91 

sep '95

nov '95

Apr '97

Apr '99

Sep '99

Sep '00

July  '01

nov '02

Feb '03

July '03

Sep '03

July '05

May '07


Ass. Instructor IADS          

2* NOB/CMAS          

3* NOB/CMAS          

CI Club Instructeur

1* Instructeur

Advanged Nitrox


2* Instructeur

Neptune FFM Instructor

Dan Oxygen provider instructor

FFM Instructor trainer

DAN Aquatic Emergency instructor


DAN ITC (Instructor Trainer)


about 800 dives and several dive specialty's and courses like standard helmets, Heliox, Survival etc.